Custom Design Jewelry

Custom jewelry is all about memories.
Either recreating an old memory or creating a new memory

Remember your lost pinky ring or Aunt Mary’s emerald ring you always loved but never got. Maybe you saw a design years ago you always wanted. If you can dream it, sketch it or send us a picture of it, we can build it. Frequently all we have to start with is a description on the phone or in an email. Our design staff has years of experience designing custom jewelry.

Here is an example: We made this ring for Jim R. of St Augustine FL. He sent us the fuzzy picture on the far left. Our shop hand carved the wax pattern and cast the ring. We supplied the gold, the one carat pear shape and side diamonds (same quality) at a final cost of just over half of the advertised price on the internet. As you can see it turned out quite lovely.

With Gil G. of San Diego, CA we had no pictures, but his fiancé had wonderful design ideas. We supplied the 2carat diamond, gold and side diamonds and made the drawing at her direction. The wedding band is a matching fitted ring with diamonds and the same engraving style. The result was a beautiful wedding set that is unique and stunning.

If you have some old gold, we can use it to make that dream ring or necklace. It does not matter if it is white or yellow gold as we have to process it and it can be changed at that time. Of course we can also supply gold. We have thousands of wax patterns to cast gold into fine jewelry. Using one of these patterns a new custom ring can cost less than buying it off the jewelry store shelf.

3D computer software and years of experience enables us to create a wax model of your design. After you approve the design, our master craftsmen fabricate your custom jewelry. Quality workmanship allows us to make uniquely designed, beautiful jewelry for you. Our goldsmiths have been doing this for 33 years and we look forward to making your dreams come true.

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