Getting Started

Order number
You will be given a work order number. Please use it on all shipments & communications.

Gold & Platinum
Gather your old jewelry, gold or platinum, chains, charms, rings, earrings and dental gold. Make a copy with your scanner or copy machine. Please write your name on this paper also. This will be used in your work order file.

Sending it to us
Send by Fed Ex, UPS or U.S. Priority mail. All metal is tested and you will be emailed a metals report. If you don’t have gold, we can supply it at wholesale market rates.

Send us ideas, sketches, newspaper ads or magazine pictures of the jewelry items you desire. We can custom design an original or use one of many lovely patterns available. An image of your jewelry will be sent to you for approval before casting.

Feel free to ask questions anytime. You will find Dana, our office manager, a fund of knowledge and a treasure to work with. Call us anytime at (619) 226-3400 or FAX us at (619) 546-7704.

Process time
Your new jewelry should be done in two to three weeks.

We look forward to working with you.

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