Buying a Diamond

First, educate yourself in the 4c’s of diamonds, Buying a diamond is different from a buying a car which are the same.  Diamonds are like snowflakes, no two are alike. Insist on a certified diamond grading report from a major independent gemological laboratory such as GIA or EGL to safeguard your purchase. Never depend on an “Appraisal” done by the seller. That’s conflict of interest.

Where to buy:
If you go to a retail jewelry store, they will sell you what they have in stock.And at what price?  One national jewelry chain averages 250% profit and That’s not unusual. That means if they pay $1,000, you pay $2,500.

We are part of a network of 3,900 diamond dealers in 40 countries.  The database lists 300,000+ diamonds with a wholesale value over $3,000,000.00.  We do a search for your diamond. Possibly 10, 100 or 1,000 diamonds are listed with your search parameters. 

We send a “screen-shot” of the database to you. You see all the information, including our actual cost.  You calculate your diamond cost yourself. We charge 5% brokerage fee plus shipping and insurance ($25 to $50 for most diamonds).  Of course, all sales are fully guaranteed.  

Don’t spend money unnecessarily! 

Some people say “I want a flawless diamond.”

A one carat flawless pure white “D” color diamond can cost $35,000 in a jewelry store.  A diamond that will look like it can be had for $5,000.  It takes a microscope to see the difference. Think what you could do with $30,000 you just saved. Maybe pay for a wedding or a vacation?

Besides, how many people you know walk around with a microscope?  Why buy a Flawless when you don’t have to.

  1. Learn the 4C’s and diamond terminology
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