Clarity-Enhanced Diamonds

What are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds are real natural diamonds. The principle of Clarity Enhancement is to make natural diamond imperfections invisible. Almost every diamond has internal natural feather-like fractures. The clarity enhancement process is a state-of-the-art technology that optically eliminates the fractures and improves clarity and brilliance of a diamond. During the process, the inside surface of the natural fracture is coated with transparent glass-like material, whose optical and refractive characteristics closely resemble those of a natural diamond, thereby masking the fracture to the naked eye. The amount of material used to fill the feather is minute and the enhancement process does not add any weight to the diamond.

Before After

Why buy a Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

Simply stated - for its value! You will receive a bigger or better quality natural diamond for the same money. You can now own the diamond you've always dreamed of owning, but couldn't afford. The enhancement process is invisible to the naked eye, and only you and your jeweler will ever know it's a CE diamond.

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