The diamonds shown here are a sample of the diversity San Diego Gems can offer you. We belong to a network of 3,700 diamond cutters/dealers in 40+ countries who list their inventory on line. The network database is the largest online inventory of polished diamonds in the world, currently containing over 300,000 individual loose diamonds with a value of over $3 billion dollars, at my cost level.

When you ask for information on a diamond, we do a search in the database and email you a readout of that search. It will show several stones with all the details about the stones, including cost.

If you are interested in a particular stone, we obtain the gemological certificate and email a copy to you and proceed from there. We only sell diamonds with certificates from independent gemological laboratories with which we have no connections.

Retail stores will add a profit of from 50% to 300% on top of the costs listed. It is not uncommon for a retail jewelry store to add 300% to the price of a diamond. So if the store pays $1,000 for a diamond, they would charge you from $1,500 to $3,000. A minimum of three staff members sign off on every stone we ship for your protection. We charge a fee of 5% for our services plus shipping and insurance (usually $20 to $50) to you and the retail jewelry stores alike.

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