Q.   Can flaws be removed from diamonds?
A.   Yes, sometimes a diamond can be treated to remove visible flaws.

Q.   Are treated diamonds worth more or less than non-treated?
A.   Less

Q.   Can a diamonds color be improved upon and made whiter?
A.   Yes, but not all diamonds qualify for this treatment.

Q.   Are all diamonds white?
A.   No. Diamonds come is all colors of the rainbow.

Q.   Are colored diamonds valuable?
A.   Natural colored diamonds, especially red, can be worth many times white stones.

Q.   What is the “Rapaport” ?
A.   The Rapaport Diamond Report (RAP) is the primary source of diamond pricing for the diamond industry worldwide. It is the international standard used to establish prices in all cutting centers and dealer markets.

Q.   What is a Diamond Certificate? And are these “certs” really important?
A.   If you have a degree in Gemology, “certs” may not be important. If you do not then certs are a
must. Always insist on a diamond grading certificate from GIA or EGL (Highly respected gemological laboratories with no ties to diamond sales). Certificates from private gem labs do not carry much weight, are sometimes misleading and are worthless.

Q.   Can diamonds I already own be certified?
A.   Yes, SDG can take of that for you.

Q.   Can I use my old gold to make new jewelry even if it is the wrong color?
A.   Yes. We first refine your old gold to 24k pure then alloy it white or yellow gold

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