Hello from San Diego Gems

My name is SophieCat and I run the show at San Diego Gems (with the help of my human family). I’m going to have our President, Sandy Sanford tell you about us

San Diego Gems was established in 1974 to supply the retail jewelry stores with diamonds, gemstones and custom
jewelry manufacturing. Until recently we only sold to retail stores and the ITEX network. Now, we have begun to serve the general public through this web site and the same wholesale price level we charge retail stores.  We are a family owned business.

Our business is divided into four parts:

We are part of a network of 3,700 diamond dealers in 23 countries around the world. Our inventory database lists over 300,000 diamonds with a wholesale value of over three billion dollars ($3,000,000,000.00).
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Along with our custom made jewelry, there are tens of thousands of finished jewelry items in our database. We would be happy to do a search for you.

Our in-stock inventory numbers in the tens of thousands of colored gemstones and changes daily. From Amethyst to Zoisite, we have it all. Please visit the Gemstones page.

Estate Services:
We work with Trust Agents, Attorneys, Care-givers and others to service estate jewelry items that may need to be sold, services or revamped to meet modern tastes and trends. See our estate page for a complete description of our services. Click here to go to our Estate Page

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