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You. the reader, and San Diego Gems have a unique advantage by belonging to the same organization.  You can contact your ITEX broker (or mine) and “check out” San Diego Gems before you call us. This ability gives you an edge not attainable elsewhere online. It’s like having your own better business bureau.  San Diego ITEX office (619) 472-2929

As you may be aware, a few Itex members grossly inflate their prices because it is a barter transaction, especially in the jewelry field. They frequently sell highly inferior products that look good on-line but not in real life. We find these practices grossly unfair and they greatly reduce the value of our Itex dollars. 

San Diego Gems is not a retail store. We supply the retail stores at a wholesale level with diamonds, gemstones and custom jewelry. We have a “one-price” policy and prices are never raised because you are an ITEX member. Our huge inventory of colored gemstones is available to you at the same prices we charge retail stores for cash, but you pay in ITEX 100%.  Everyone pays the same.

For diamonds and custom design jewelry, we adhere to our “one-price” policy which represents a huge savings for you. We look forward to hearing from fellow Itex members. Contact us today!

For our non-member visitors: ITEX is a leader of business owners organizations across North America consisting of 22,000 member businesses in sixty regions. ITEX processes over $300 million a year in transactions for its members. ITEX is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.

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